Claim listings extension released
  • Published on: October 3, 2019
  • Written by: Alessandro Tesoro

I’m extremely excited to announce the release of the Claim listings extension for Posterno.

With this extension directory owners now have access to a new way to generate passive revenue. Business owners can identify themselves as the owner of a listing and get verified. This ensures your listings are claimed, consistent, and cared for – a strategy used by Yelp and Yellow Pages.

Additionally, a verified listing badge is displayed after listings are claimed, ensuring site visitors your businesses’ information is up to date, accurate, and relevant.

Charge users to claim listings with WooCommerce & Posterno

The claim listings functionality is integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and our own WC Paid Listings extension.

When filling the claim listing form, your users will be given the option to select a package they wish to purchase. Alternatively administrators can also decide to force charge a specific package while claiming listings. Support for recurring packages through the WooCommerce subscriptions plugin is also provided.

Beautifully integrated with WordPress

Administrators have access to a new “Claims” interface in the admin panel. From here they can manage all claims submitted, they’ll be able to change status/delete and review claims.

Claim details

Administrators will also be able to view all the details about claims, including any attached file and message.

Email notifications

The claim listings addon introduces 4 new email notifications so that you can keep your members always up to date about the status of their claims. Of course, each email can be freely customized through the Posterno’s emails editor.

New available notifications:

  1. Claim has been approved.
  2. Claim has been received.
  3. Claim has been rejected.
  4. Claim is pending payment.

There’s more!

Check out the extension’s details page for more information about the features included in this addon.


If you have any questions about Posterno, it’s features or anything else, feel free to get in touch. We also recommend browing the documentation to find out everything that you can do with the search forms extension.

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