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The listings directory platform for WordPress

There's never been a more complete directory plugin. Posterno includes all the important tools you need to launch and monetize your online directory.

There are many other features as well. Here's a preview of the most popular ones

Frontend forms
Listing submission, registration, login, profile editing and password recovery. Your members will never have to see your WordPress admin panel. Everything is handled on the frontend.
User dashboard
Frontend dashboard page from where users can manage, edit and delete listings. Customize their account and control privacy settings.
Blazingly fast
Posterno uses an optimized custom database structure for some of it’s data and combines it with built-in smart caching.
CSV Import & Export
Built-in CSV data importer & exporter that allows you to import, export or update hundreds or thousands of listings, taxonomies, fields, etc.
GDPR Ready
Posterno provides forms for your members where they can request a copy of their data, request erasure of their data and even request account cancellation directly through their frontend dashboard.
Custom widgets & shortcodes
With multiple shortcodes and widgets to display listings and forms within your site, you'll have no problems creating the directory of your dreams.

Fully featured maps

Maps are an important part of Posterno. We make it easy to see what's nearby before determining the most appropriate directions. Posterno provides multiple marker types. It can display category icons, images and even custom fields.
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Feature-rich listings We evolve to meet your business' requirements

Listing Taxonomies
Listing types, categories, tags and locations help you organize your listings conveniently for users to browse desired areas of interest.
Images gallery
Showcase an unlimited number of images in a rotating carousel that looks amazing. Admins can limit the amount of images uploadable for listings.
Business hours
Displaying business hours on your website for listings can help customers make an appointment or plan their visit accordingly.
Featured listings
Featured listings are special listings that will always be visible at the top of search results and are styled differently to attract attention.
Listings moderation
If needed, administrators can approve listings submissions before going live to ensure quality of the content.
Listings expiry
Listings can display for the set number of days, then expire. Automatic database cleanup of expired listings is also available.
Author contact form
A contact form is available so that users can get in touch with the author of a listing via email. The widget can also be restricted to logged in members only.
Multiple taxonomies
Listings can support an unlimited number of categories, tags and locations.

Search engines optimized

Posterno provides support for all json-ld schema structured data so that search engines understand your content better. Integration with Yoast SEO and Jetpack plugins is also provided.

Frontend Listing Submission

Access restriction
If needed, Posterno allows you to restrict access to the submission form to specific user roles on your website.
Categories to types association
When enabled, the submission form will let members choose categories for their listings that have been associated to the listing type the user has selected.
Tags to categories association
When enabled, the submission form will let members choose tags for their listings that have been associated to the categories that the user has selected.
Gallery images limit
Administrators can limit the amount of uploadable images. Eg: You could let members upload a maximum amount of 5 images.

Custom registration form

Posterno provides a customizable registration form. You have the ability to add an unlimited number of custom fields to collect additional data from your members.

Members profiles

Public profiles
Each member on your website gets a public profile where visitors and other members can view all the details of the user.
Access control
Decide whether you wish to restrict access to your users profiles to logged in users only or if you wish to make all profiles private so that even logged in members can’t see other members profiles.
Content tabs
Display or hide users submitted posts, comments and listings within their profiles. Each section can be re-arranged thanks to the WordPress menu builder.
Override WordPress author page
You can decide whether you wish to override the WordPress author page with the profile page provided by Posterno.

Custom fields everywhere

Posterno is the most customizable listings directory plugin for WordPress. Thanks to the integrated custom fields editor, you can create custom fields for listings, users and registration form.

Email notifications

Emails editor
Posterno provides customizable email templates for each email that can be sent to users after a certain event/trigger happens.
Merge tags
You have access to merge tags, they render bits of information about the website, the user or the listing.

Developers friendly

With plenty of actions and filters, Posterno is the most extendable and adaptable, listings directory plugin. Build the directory your client needs.
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