Posterno free core features

Explore the powerful features that enable you to build the top-notch directory that you want.


Frontend forms

Members will never have to see your WordPress admin panel. Everything is done on the frontend. From listing submission to registration, login, account customization and password recovery.

User dashboard

Members have access to a custom dashboard page on the frontend from where they can manage, edit and delete listings. They can also customize their account and control privacy settings.

Familiar admin interface

Any user familiar with WordPress will find the interface instantly recognisable and easy to use. Posterno follows the WordPress design system.

Regular updates

We’re always improving Posterno and we make sure it’s always compatible with the latest WordPress release.

Translation ready

Posterno (and all official add-ons) are fully internationalised allowing you to translate strings or use your own language.

Blazingly fast

Posterno uses an optimized custom database structure for some of it’s data and combined with built-in smart caching you can rest assured your website will be blazingly fast.

Feature-rich listings

Listing Taxonomies

Listing types, categories, tags and locations help you organize your listings conveniently for users to browse desired areas of interest.

Contact details

Phone number, email address and website are some of the default contact details available for listings. Use the custom fields editor to add more if needed.

Social profiles

An unlimited number of social networks is available to be attached to each listing. Add/change/remove them freely.

Integrated mapping

Pin listings to a location, store coordinates and address and display them onto maps. Currently supported Google maps, more will be available soon.

Images gallery

Showcase an unlimited number of images in a rotating carousel that looks amazing. Administrators can limit the amount of images uploadable for listings.

Business hours

Displaying business hours on your website for listings can help customers make an appointment or plan their visit accordingly.

Featured listings

Featured listings are special listings that will always be visible at the top of search results and are styled differently to attract attention.

Listings expiry

Administrators can choose to display listings for the set number of days, then expire. It’s also possible to automatically clean up your database of expired listings.

Listings moderation

Members can submit listings themselves and administrators can approve them before going live to ensure quality of the content.

Video support

Adding a video to a listing is as simple as dropping an url. Video can be hosted on Youtube, Vimeo and all other sources supported by WordPress.

Multiple categories

Listings can support an unlimited number of categories, tags and locations.

External linking

Add noopener noreferrer and nofollow attributes to external listings links.

Author contact form

A contact form widget is available so that visitors or members can get in touch with the author of a listing via email. The widget can also be restricted to logged in members only.

Details widget

A listings details widget provides the ability to display information about the listing. Custom fields can also be added to the widget through the integrated drag & drop editor.

Taxonomy terms widget

The taxonomy terms widget provides the ability to display terms ( categories, locations, tags ) assigned to the listing as a list. Any other listing taxonomy registered by developers is automatically recognized too.

Listing author widget

The listing author widget showcases information about the author of a listing. Custom profile fields can also be displayed within the widget through the integrated drag and drop editor.


Visitors of your website can filter listings and change the order of the search results by newest/older/title a-z & z-a/random. The layout filter can change from a lists style to a grid style.

Disable comments

With a single click, comments for listings can be entirely disabled.

Featured image placeholder

If a listing does not have a featured image a placeholder will be displayed. The placeholder image can be disabled or customized.

Business hours layout options

Business hours can be displayed with abbreviated days names and/or without zeroes ( e.g 9:00 am becomes 9am ). Additionally you can set that the week starts on a Sunday or decide to just display the current day’s hours only.

Frontend listing submission

Access restriction

If needed, Posterno allows you to restrict access to the submission form to specific user roles on your website.

Gallery images limit

Another restriction that you can apply to submissions is the amount of uploadable images. You could let members upload a maximum amount of 5 images.

Redirect after submission

After successful submission, you might want to redirect users to a custom “thank you page” or any other page on your website.

Categories to types association

When enabled, the submission form will let members choose categories for their listings that have been associated to the listing type the user has selected.

Tags to categories association

When enabled, the submission form will let members choose tags for their listings that have been associated to the categories that the user has selected.

Multiple categories selection

Multiple categories can be selected through the dropdown during submission. Administrators can also limit the maximum amount of selectable categories.

Listings dashboard

Allow edits & pending edits.

If needed, administrators can enable/disable edits to listings. Additionally changes to pending listings can be also enabled/disabled.

Listing removal

You can decide whether members should be allowed to delete listings or not. When listings are deleted they’re moved to your site’s trash, they can optionally be entirely wiped from the database instead of being moved to the trash.

Published edits moderation

Control whether members can make changes to published listings and if they’re allowed you can also decide to moderate changes.

Redirect after changes

If needed, members can be redirected to a custom page when changes to listings are made. If disabled a simple message will be displayed.


Default user role

You can assign a user role to be the default user role when users sign up on your site.

Role selection

You can add a role selector field to the registration form so users can select the role they want before they register.

Registration redirect

You can select a page where you can redirect users after they register or simply display a confirmation message.

Disable username

You can disable the username field within the registration form. The email address will be used as username for the new user.

Automatic password generation

You can disable passwords within the registration form. A randomly generated password will be sent to the user.

Strong passwords & confirmation

The registration form can require users to confirm their password furthermore administrators can require users to use “strong” passwords.

Terms & conditions

You can force users to agree to your terms & conditions before registering an account. A custom terms page can be attached to the form.

Automatic login

After successful registration, you can decided to automatically authenticate users and redirect them elsewhere.

Link to login & password recovery

Links to the login page and password recovery page can be displayed within the registration form.

Anti-spam honeypot

The registration form comes with anti-spam protection hidden honeypot field.

Privacy policy

Posterno will automatically add a checkbox to the registration form asking the user for consent when a privacy policy page is created for your WordPress website.


Login method

The login form can restrict users to log-in with 3 different methods: username only, email only, username & email.

Restrict wp-login.php

With a single click, you can decide to lock access to the wp-login.php file on your WordPress site and redirect users to the frontend.

Show registration & password recovery

The login form can display links to the registration form and password recovery form in case they need to access one or the other.

Redirect after login

You can select the page where you want to redirect users after they login.

Automatic query string redirect

If a user is sent to the login page via an url that contains the “redirect_to” parameter with an url of another page, after login, the user will be redirected there.

Customizable accounts

Custom avatars

Allow your users to upload a custom avatar of their choice directly through your website.

Customize personal details

Through their frontend dashboard your members can customize all the default user fields that come with WordPress, including: email, first name, last name, website, description etc.

Support for custom fields

The integrated custom profile fields builder allows you to collect an unlimited number of details about your members.

Members profile

Public profiles

Each member on your website gets a public profile where visitors and other members can view all the details of the user.

Profile permalinks

You can select what slug appears in the url when viewing user’s profiles. You can select to show: username or user id.

Access control

Decide whether you wish to restrict access to your users profiles to logged in users only or if you wish to make all profiles private so that even logged in members can’t see other members profiles.

Content tabs

Display or hide users submitted posts, comments and listings within their profiles. Each section can be re-arranged thanks to the WordPress menu builder.

Override WordPress author page

You can decide whether you wish to override the WordPress author page with the profile page provided by Posterno.

Custom fields everywhere

Listings fields editor

Create the directory you want, customize the listing fields to match your data using the integrated custom fields editor. Fields are available for display in forms widgets and listings pages.

Profile fields editor

The integrated custom profile fields builder allows you to collect an unlimited number of details about your members. Fields are available for display in forms, listings widgets and profiles.

Registration form fields editor

You can decide to display custom fields within the registration form so you can collect as much data as you want during signup.

Pre-defined fields

The plugin comes with a list of pre-installed common fields which allows you to quickly build your forms.

Integrated in the admin panel

All custom fields created through Posterno are visible and customizable through the user’s page and listing post type page in the admin panel.

Editable settings

Customize the field name, label, description, placeholder and much more. Every single detail is editable.

Required fields

It is possible to make certain fields required before a form can be submitted.

Admin only fields

Fields can be restricted to administrators only. Admin only fields will not be customizable from the frontend forms.

File uploads

You can decide which file types are allowed to be uploaded by the user and also specify a maximum file size.

Email notifications

Emails editor

Posterno provides customizable email templates for each email that can be sent to users after a certain event/trigger happens.

Merge tags

You have access to merge tags, they render bits of information about the website, the user or the listing.

Admin notifications

All email situations provide support for administrator’s notification.

Registration confirmation email

This email will be sent to users after they have successfully become a member of your site.

Password reset email

This email will be sent to users if they have requested to reset their password.

Listing submitted email

This email will be sent to the listing’s author after a listing has been successfully submitted onto your site.

Listing updated email

This email will be sent to users after they have successfully edited one of their existing listing.

Listing approved email

This email will be sent to the listing’s author after their listing has been manually approved by a site’s administrator.

Listing about to expire email

This email will be sent to the listing’s author a few days before one of their listing is about to expire.

Listing author message email

This email will be sent to the author of a listing after a member or visitor sends a message to the author through the contact form within the listing’s page.

Privacy control

Personal data request form

Posterno provides a form for your members where they can request a copy of their data directly through their frontend dashboard.

Personal data cancellation form

Posterno provides a form for your members where they can request erasure of their data directly through their frontend dashboard.

Account cancellation form

Posterno provides a form for your members where they can deactivated and delete their own account directly through their frontend dashboard.

Widgets & shortcodes

Forms shortcode

Posterno uses shortcodes to display the majority of it’s forms. All forms are customizable through the settings panel.

Listings display

Posterno provides multiple shortcodes and widgets to display listings within your site. Ranging from recent listings to featured listings, including types, categories and locations lists.

Developers friendly

Actions & filters

Developers have access to an extended collection of actions and filters ready to be used to customize and extend Posterno.

Customizable templates

Posterno comes with a templating system that allows you to easily customize all the templates of the plugin.

Developers documentation soon

The developers documentation is where we place our developer focused documentation for the core Posterno project.


Developers and external applications can take advantage of a complete RESTful API that provides easy access to members and listings in a JSON format.

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