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Get familiar with the ecosystem

Whether you're new to the ecosystem, or looking to take things to the next level, we appreciate the fact that you've trusted Posterno to power your directory. With the help of this page, we'll help you get the absolute most out of Posterno. Let's get started.
Getting started with Posterno
If you are just getting started with Posterno, be sure to have a look at our configuration and required pages documentation where we cover the basics of setting up a store. View documentation.
Complete documentation & knowledge base
We have an extensive documentation for Posterno and its extensions. Consider bookmarking our documentation in your web browser for easy access.
Extensions & Themes documentation
If you are interested in working with one of our extensions, browse the documentation to see if there are any articles dedicated specifically to your interests. View documentation.
Troubleshooting tips & techniques
While some issues are more complex than others, basic troubleshooting can be performed to help track down just about any problem. Have a look at our recommended troubleshooting techniques.