New premium permalinks manager extension
  • Published on: February 21, 2020
  • Written by: Alessandro Tesoro

Today I’m introducing a new premium extension called Permalinks manager.

The extension can help you add taxonomy slugs, remove permalink base or even add custom fields within listings urls.

Customers that have purchased an extensions bundle can login with their account to download the new extension.

Permalinks editor

The included editor helps you customize the permastructure for the listings post type and all registered taxonomies for the post type. Various tags can be used to change urls in any way you want.

Support for custom fields

Custom fields that return strings and created through Posterno can be used within urls. Simply use the field’s metakey with the dynamic tag to display it within urls.

Imagine you wish to display the listing’s zipcode, use the tag %__listing_zipcode%.


If you have any questions about Posterno, it’s features or anything else, feel free to contact us.

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