Reports tool extension now available
  • Published on: February 5, 2020
  • Written by: Alessandro Tesoro

Today I’m happy to announce the release of the new Reports tool extension. With this new addon, your members can report listings with inappropriate or inaccurate content.

Customers that have purchased an extensions bundle can login with their account to download the new extension.

Reports in the admin panel

Reports are then displayed within your administration panel so that they can be reviewed and if necessary, actions can be taken.

Details of a report can be seen by clicking the title of the listing within the list table.

From here, administrators can review the details, the reason of the report and then take the appropriate actions if necessary.

In cases where you may require to communicate with the author of the listing, an easy to use contact area is provided. Enter your message and it’ll be then sent via email.

Submitting a report on the frontend

Members on the frontend can submit reports by clicking a new button that can be displayed via shortcode. When clicked, a modal window will show with a form that the user can fill to submit the report.

Report types can be configured through the settings panel.

Download the reports tool extension →